Get Local with Hanna Instruments

What do Del’s Lemonade, Autocrat coffee milk, and Hanna Instruments all have in common? They all call the Ocean State, home!

We’re proud to be in Rhode Island and we’re currently running a new ad campaign in Rhode Island Monthly featuring our company and some of our local Rhode Island customers!

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New edge Informational Video

Hanna Instruments is pleased to announce the release of our new edge® video. This video discusses the features of Hanna Instruments edge® pH, EC, DO meter.

edge® is thin and lightweight, measuring just 1⁄2” thick and weighing less than 8.8 ounces. It can be used to measure pH, EC, DO and can be transformed from a benchtop to a portable meter, and can even be hung from the wall.

Hanna Instruments is dedicated to providing you with the equipment and support to help simplify your process and get the most out of your product.

To view this video please click the following link.

The Revolutionary edge pH, DO, EC meter

To learn more about this meter or any other Hanna products please visit our Youtube Channel.

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Approximately 100 million Americans drink coffee daily. But what goes into that perfect cup of Joe that makes it taste so good? A recent article from Water Technology Magazine states that the secret to a perfect cup of coffee is how the water is treated.

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Calling All Local Brewers!

We are pleased to announce Hanna Instruments’ first FREE beer event. The event will be held at Hanna Instruments world headquarters in Woonsocket, RI on October 18, 2014 beginning at 1p.m.

Join us for an afternoon of beer and brewing related topics with guest speaker Dumase Olsson, Head Brewer from Foolproof Brewing Company.

Whether you’re a home brewer, micro brewer or just a beer enthusiast, we invite you to come to our facility and learn more about beer, the brewing process, Foolproof Brewery, Hanna Instruments (and our beer testing meters) and more.

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What Happened To Toledo’s Drinking Water?

In a recent article from Water Quality & Health online, it discusses the reasoning behind 500,000 citizens without clean tap water. The cause of this is due to microcystins. “Microcystins are a large class of naturally occurring toxic chemical substances produced by waterborne bacteria known as Microcystis, also called ‘blue-green algae’ or ‘cyanobacteria.” This can be caused by nutrient-rich wastewater and agricultural runoff into water bodies creating microcystis blooms. Microcystis blooms thrive with sufficient levels- of phosphorus and nitrogen as well as temperatures in the 5 to 30 degrees C range and a pH ranging from 6-9. “Microcystin (the toxin) is released when the bacteria die and their cells break open.”

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Mastering the Art behind Quality Craft Beer

Food Quality & Safety recently published an article entitled “The Art Behind Quality Craft Beer.” This article discusses 5 important aspects that should be considered when crafting quality beer including keeping it fresh, making the yeast happy, sanitation, education, and equipment. These components are extremely important to ensure the breweries intended flavor profile. As the craft brewing industry continues to skyrocket, it becomes imperative that breweries differentiate themselves in the market.

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The HI 96811 Portable Refractometer for Wine Analysis

Hanna Instruments is pleased to announce the release of our new Knowledge Base video which discusses the use of the HI96811 refractometer to determine the sugar content in grapes.  The sugar content in aqueous solution is measured in units of °Brix.  As a result, °Brix is used in the production of wine to determine fruit maturity, potential alcohol yield, and sugar content.

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The Wine Process: Harvest Season and How You Should be Preparing

As August comes to a close, many wineries have already started preparing for harvest/crush season.  Harvest season in the wine industry is considered to be the busiest time of the year. It is the time where winemakers start to pick the grapes and prepare them for the crushing process before beginning pressing and fermentation.  Although this may sound easy there are a few more steps to this process.  As harvest season becomes closer, Hanna takes a look at the equipment winemakers use, in order to make each process a little bit easier.

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Holy Toledo, is our Water Quality in Trouble?

Recently, in the news, Toledo has been a topic of discussion for many water quality professionals.  Toledo’s water resources have been affected by Lake Erie’s recent toxic contamination.  This contamination has affected over 400,000 residents and has many other US citizens wondering, “could this happen in my area?”

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