Nine Steps to Save Waterways and Fisheries

Water conservation is a frequently discussed topic in terms of government, agriculture and water management.  As the global population increases, it is becoming more important to manage water resources .  An article found on the Science Daily discusses nine ways to save waterways and fisheries discovered by researchers.

“Humans have put key freshwater ecosystems at risk because of land development and the loss of the vegetation along rivers and streams, says John Richardson, a professor in the Dept. of Forest and Conservation Sciences at the University of British Columbia, one of 15 freshwater biologists who created the framework to help protect fish and ecosystems into the future.”

Hanna Checker featured in Marine Habitat Magazine

Our Phosphate Checker HC was recently featured in Marine Habitat Magazine’s Online Gear Guide.  Available in both a low phosphate range model (HI 713) and a high phosphate range model (HI 717) these Hanna Checkers are great for water quality testing; aquarium, wastewater, drinking water, etc.

Small, portable and affordable, these units bridge the gap between simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation.

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