What is DIP and TEST?

"Dip and Test" is a selection of pH meters voted easiest to use by Hanna professionals. These meters are simple to operate, user friendly and affordable. Just "Dip" your meter/probe into your sample and with just a touch of a button, you get your pH reading instantly! Just dip and test today!
pH Bench Meter   pH Tester   Combo pH Tester   Combo ORP Tester
HI 2210
pH Bench Meter Perfect for QC Applications
HI 98103
pH Tester with Replaceable Electrode
HI 98121
Combination pH and ORP Tester
HI 98128
Waterproof pH Tester
Portable pH Meter   Extended Range pH Meter   Meat pH Meter   pH Meter for Food and Dairy
HI 9813-6N
pH/EC/TDS/°C Portable Meter
HI 991003N
Portable Extended Range pH Meter
HI 99163
Waterproof Portable pH Meter for Meat Products
HI 99161
Portable pH Meter for Food & Dairy Products