Water Culture Hydroponic Growing System


Water Culture Growing System

  • A very simple to use hydroponic system
  • A styrofoam platform typically holds the plants and floats on the nutrient soltuion
  • An air pump is used to supply air to a bubbling stone that releases the nutrient solution and supplies oxygen to the plant roots
  • Leaf lettuce is the predominant plant grown in this type of system, very few other plants grow well in the Water Culture System



What you'll need:

  • Water reservoir
  • Grow tray and media
  • Air pump and diffuser
  • Nutrient solutions
  • A pH and EC/TDS Tester, such as the Hanna HI 98129

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  1. pH, TDS ppm Tester Full View - HI98129

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    The low range Combo® pH, EC, TDS (ppm) and temperature meter is one of Hanna’s most popular meters. The waterproof design, simple operation, and replaceable electrode mean that you can rely on this meter for years. You can replace the pH electrode for just $59.

    The HI98129 is designed for low range use (0 to 3999 µS/cm or 0-2000 ppm). Choose the HI98130 for the high range model.

    I’ve owned 2 of these meters for 11 years. I’ve replaced each electrode once. I put these through heavy use and they never fail. Always reliable readings.

    -Jason Curtis (Verified Buyer)

    Pricing includes the HI98129 Combo Tester, HI72127 pH electrode, electrode removal tool, batteries, and free shipping.

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