Tell Me About Titration Consultation

The purchase of a titration system can be a challenging process. From understanding the complexity of chemistry involved with any particular analysis to determining the appropriate equipment required, each titration package must be constructed with special attention.

Our Technical Titration Consultants are here to help with this process.

The following is the process from initial interest through after sales support. We will do our very best in finding the best solution for your specific application.

Initial Consultation

The first step in consultation is to determine the specifics of your application. It’s necessary for the Technical Titration Consultant to know the following:

  • What is the specific parameter to be measured?

  • What is the expected range?

  • What is in the sample matrix?

  • Does the method of analysis have to follow a standard method (EPA, ISO, AOAC, etc.)

  • Do you currently follow a standard operating procedure (SOP) to measure this parameter?

  • Will Hanna Instruments be installing the titrator?

  • Do you need IQ, OQ, PQ documentation?

Method Development

If the titration application is well documented and commonly performed, the Technical Titration Consultant will prepare a formal quotation that would include a titration system and accessories required to perform the titration.   

For all factory installations and select applications, the Technical Titration Consultant will submit the details of your application to one of our Applications Engineers. Hanna’s Applications Department is responsible for ensuring that the equipment will perform as expected. For challenging or less common titrations, the Applications Department may require samples to be submitted for method analysis and optimization. All costs associated with the analysis, other than the sample postage, are born by Hanna Instruments.  

Installation and Training

If installation is required, the Technical Service Department will coordinate the installation date. Staff member training on the use of the titrator, SOP instruction for analysis, and any IQ, OQ, PQ documentation is also provided at the time of installation. Webinar training is another option that Hanna can provide as an alternative to installation.

View Example SOP (.pdf)

After Sales Support

As your partner, we are privileged to be a resource for your electrochemical needs. We offer preventative maintenance programs and annual calibration services to ensure continued optimal performance of your titration system.