President's MessageJanuary 2015Dear Valued Customer:Hanna has long held the ideal that a company should establish a close relationship with its customers to truly provide the highest level of personal service and technical support. We make every effort possible to have offices locally available to support this ideal. Our customers can always be assured that when they pick up a phone and dial their local office that a Hanna Sales, Customer Service, or Technical Support Representative will be there to assist and provide the necessary information. There are no centralized call centers; you will always be able to speak with a local Hanna employee.We listen to all of our customers' feedback and suggestions to improve upon existing products, understand what new products can be designed for your benefit, and most off all to strengthen our relationship with you, our valued customer. At Hanna, we believe the only way to genuinely obtain the insight into your specific needs is to create an open dialogue about your unique application.As the largest family-owned manufacturer of analytical instrumentation in the world, we design, manufacture, supply and support all of our products to provide our customers with a level of value that our competitors struggle to contend with. Our products are manufactured in our European, state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 production facility and are CE compliant to EN 61326-1 and EN 61010-1 standards.Please use this catalog as a resource for finding the right product for your application. This catalog includes the contact information of our offices around the globe so that you may get in touch with your local Hanna Representative and learn more about how we can help you.Hanna dedicates itself to be a worldwide leader in quality, value, service, and selection. We can assure you that these fundamentals will be evident throughout your Hanna experience.On behalf of Hanna worldwide, thank you for your continued and loyal support.Martino Nardo President, Hanna InstrumentsIntroductionAbout Hanna, contact information and new products1 Checker®HC Series and Chemical Test KitsThe simplest way to perform chemical analysis2 Testers and MonitorsQuick and precise measurements in the lab or field3 pHpH instrumentation, electrodes and solutions4 ISEISE instrumentation, electrodes and solutions5 TitrationSingle and multiparameter automatic titrators6 ConductivityConductivity and TDS meters and solutions7 Dissolved OxygenBenchtop and portable meters and probes for lab and field8 MultiparameterBenchtop and portable instrumentation9 Magnetic StirrersLaboratory grade stirrers with SpeedsafeTM technology10 PhotometersSingle and multiparameter photometers for lab and field11 Chemical Oxygen DemandFor measurement on both influent and effluent waters12 TurbidityPortable and bench turbidity meters for lab and field use13 RefractometersFor applications such as wine, juice and aquaculture14 TemperaturePortable meters, dataloggers and probes15 Relative Humidity & LuxThermohygrometers and lux meter16 Mini ControllersControllers designed for easy installation17 Process InstrumentationIndustrial, heavy-duty instrumentation18 GlossaryTerms and definitions used throughout this catalog19 Technical TablesEquilibrium RH, thermocouple and thermistor Tables20 Alphanumeric Index by product codeWarranty and Returns Inside back coverCatalog Contents
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