Maple syrup you can be
proud of.

From sap to syrup, get the tools you need to produce a quality product every time.


Maple grading without subjectivity.


Maple Syrup Digital Grader

Worry free maple grading.

Stop worrying about getting your color right with a temporary grading kit. Grade with confidence knowing your results are reported objectively according to maple syrup grading standards.

Easy to use.

It only takes one button and a few seconds to grade your maple syrup.

Take it anywhere.

Our grader’s compact design fits in your pocket and stores easily on a shelf or in a drawer.

Don't just take it from us, see what others are saying about the Digital Maple Syrup Grader!

"There is no guesswork."

The [digital grader] is by far the simplest tool to use for the maple industry.

Michael Kenny

Sweeter Creations Sugar House

"Used it the minute it arrived!"

It's nice to write the values on each batch. Amazing the differences even though the samples appear the same.

Janice B

Verified Buyer

"Great addition to our sugar operation."

The new Hanna Maple Syrup Digital Grader...was simple to use and gave consistent results. The readouts were stable and repeatable.

Gary Bilek

Triple Creek Maple


Track your progress throughout the season.

Our grader’s replacement vials help you build and store a reference library of your maple syrup samples in case you need to compare them.


Take the guesswork out of Brix.


Digital Refractometer for Brix Analysis in Foods

Harvest with confidence knowing your results are reported objectively.

Hanna Instruments' digital refractometer offers a simple way to measure the sugar content in syrup or sap. It only takes one device, a small sample, and two seconds to measure your Brix content.

Get simple and reliable temperature measurements during the busiest part of the season.


T-Shaped Fahrenheit Thermometer

Our thermometer’s practical design and stainless steel probe allows for accurate and consistent measurements, saving you time when you need it most.

Upgrade from pH test strips.


pHep®5 pH/Temperature Tester

Higher quality measurements.

Stop struggling over matching the color of a pH strip when testing your RO water. Remove the guesswork and get accurate results in moments using our pH pocket tester.

Calibrate with ease.

Don’t worry about calibration! It only takes one or two buffers and the push of a button to quickly and easily calibrate your meter.

It goes where you go.

Our pH tester is a durable meter that fits in your pocket. Its compact and waterproof design allows you to test anywhere you need to.