Your pH measurements are only as good as your pH buffers and solutions.

Hanna Instruments manufactures our own pH buffers, cleaning, storage and refill solutions to the highest standrads. We offer pH solutions in a variety of sizes and certifications to meet all your pH testing needs.

pH Solutions

Calibrate often for accurate readings.

pH Calibration Buffers

A clean, calibrated, and conditioned pH electrode will provide accurate and repeatable results. Without a proper calibration, the meter has no way to determine the correct pH value of the solution you are testing.

Certified for ultimate traceability.

Our pH Technical Buffer Solutions are dedicated to measurements that require extremely accurate pH monitoring, and come with a certificate of analysis prepared by comparison against NIST standards.

The accuracy you need.

Millesimal buffer solutions are designed for customers who require a resolution of 0.001 to meet the increasing need for assured accuracy in pH measurements.

Variety of sizes.

Store on the shelf or take it with you into the field, Hanna Insruments carries pH buffers in 20mL sachet, 230mL, 500mL, 1L, and 1 gallon sizes to meet your measuring environment.

From stains to general pains, there is a pH cleaning solution for you.

pH electrodes become dirty with use and can produce inaccurate results. Our general purpose and specific pH cleaning solutions eliminate residues and ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy of your electrodes.


Bottles for frequent use.

Cleaning Series

Single-use sachets for convience.


Condition for longer pH electrode life.

To minimize junction clogging and to ensure fast response time, it is important to always keep your glass bulb and pH junction hydrated. If a probe is dry, the junction may become clogged causing the pH readings to be erratic

Proper storage of your electrode will ensure reliable measurements and a long electrode life. Our storage solution is specially formulated to keep the pH glass hydrated while minimizing organic growth.

Refill for better performance.

Topping off your electrolyte helps guarantee adequate head pressure to keep the junction flowing. This simple maintenance step keeps your refillable pH electrode working correctly and your results accurate.

Always check the electrolyte level in your pH electrode before takings measurements.

Watch a video on refilling your electrode >

pH solutions that go with you.

Single-use sachets are highly portable, with a small footprint and a lightweight design. They are the perfect accessory for your on-the-go testing, fitting easily into your pocket or carrying case.

Each sealed sachet holds just the right amount of solution making every sachet as fresh as the day it was packaged! Perfect for use with testers and portable meters!

Speedsafe Magnetic Stirrers

Simple operation. Guaranteed better results.

Pro Grade Stirrers

Powerful. Reliable.



High performance; simplified.

Space Saving Stirrers

Small. Simple.



Color your busy benchtop for easy recognition.

Stir and Hold

Inclusive. Simple.



Hands-free; let the stirrer do the holding.


“Works great, I like that the housing is plastic, helps to avoid issues dealing with corrosion when working with strong acids. Good product, would recommend.” -Satu H.

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Save time searching, bundle for more convenience.

Combination packages give you the flexibility to get the calibration buffers and pH solutions for your measurements, all in one location.

pH Solutions Bundle

pH Testing Tips

Clean Regularly.

Depending on the nature of your samples, your pH electrode can become dirty or clogged resulting in slow and faulty readings. Regular cleaning will prolong the life of your electrode.

Calibrate Often.

To ensure your pH measurements are accurate, be sure to calibrate after extended storage, cleaning, and before use. Use fresh buffers that bracket your expected value.

Condition Always.

A dry electrode results in slow, incorrect measurements. Always use proper storage solution and be sure to fully cover the junction.

To learn more, download our pH Best Practices Guide here!

Do You Have the Right pH Buffers?

An essential step in achieving accurate pH readings is proper calibration. How do you know when calibration is necessary or why your readings are off?

When performing a pH calibration it is important that the correct buffers are used. For example, if you want to measure something with a pH of 9 and you only calibrate your pH meter to a single point with pH 7 buffer you may not get the most accurate measurement. This is because pH measurements are most accurate when multiple calibration points are used to bracket (are above and below) the expected pH value.

We manufacture a wide range of buffer solutions for a variety of uses. Visit our blog to find out What Type of pH Calibration Solution Should You Use?