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Spare Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Probe with Protective Sleeve for the HI98193 - HI764073


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The HI764073 is a spare polarographic dissolved oxygen probe for use with the HI98193 portable dissolved oxygen meter. Perfect for both lab and field applications, this probe comes with a protective sleeve to endure any environment. Calibration is quick and measurements are temperature compensated. The sensitive PTFE membrane can be changed in seconds making it ideal for use in the field. 

Polarographic Sensor

Screw-On Protective Sleeve

Integrated Temperature Sensor


The HI76407 is a standard Clark-type polarographic dissolved oxygen probe for Hanna’s benchtop and portable dissolved oxygen meters. The probe is constructed of durable ABS plastic for maximum durability and contains an integrated temperature sensor for temperature compensated measurements. It is compatible with our HI76407A/P PTFE membrane caps. Each cap is easily filled with HI7041 electrolyte and screwed onto the probe. The probe’s tapered design makes it ideal for BOD measurements. The large hole on the protective cap allows for proper solution cycling ensuring that the sensor is always being exposed to fresh sample. 

Each membrane separates the probe’s platinum cathode and silver anode from the water sample being measured. Oxygen diffuses across the membrane and interacts with the polarographic system to produce a current proportional to oxygen concentration. 


Type Polarographic
Anode Silver
Cathode Glass encapsulated Platinum
Recommended Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Temperature Sensor yes
Connection Quick connect DIN
Warranty 2 years (probe 6 months)