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HI977 Series Portable Photometers

The Hanna HI977 Portable Photometer line combines a superior optical system with a durable exterior and simple user interface to make field testing easy in even the most demanding conditions. Made with efficency in mind, these lightweight photometers provide more light while using less power for better results.


IP67 Rated Body

Tutorial Mode

Tutorial Mode

No Warm Up Time

No Warm Up Time Needed


HI77 Series Portable Photometers


Built Better

Designed to withstand the knocks, drops, and spills of real life, the new IP67 body ensures top performance in any environment. Internal optics are sealed from outside dust, dirt, and water. In addition, it floats, just in case you drop your meter in water. This photometer uses an exclusive positive‑locking system to ensure that the cuvettes are placed into the holder in the same position for accurate readings every time.


Portable Design

Made to fit comfortably in your hand for on-the-go testing or sit on a table for benchtop use, a backlit LCD display provides at-a-glance readings from any angle, day or night. The supplied AA batteries provide life for more than 800 measurements.


Data Logging

Missed a measurement? No need to worry because your photometer will automatically log the last 50 measurements. The results can be viewed instantly using the Log Recall Menu.

On-Screen Features

Advanced features such as CAL Check™ to verify performance, GLP for last calibration date, setup and ability to see all accessories used with the meter.

Setup options for meter personalization include date and time format, language, and enabling the tutorial mode.

Choice of powder reagents supplied in packets or low cost liquid reagents supplied in a dropper bottle.

Backlit dot matrix LCD that offers an exceptionally intuitive user interface that is easy to read and understand.

The built in Tutorial mode guides you step-by-step through the measurement process.

Built-in reaction timer displays the time remaining until a measurement will be taken, ensuring consistent results between sample measurements and users.




Tutorial Mode

Let your photometer guide you through setup, calibration, and testing with on-screen tutorials so you always know the next step. This step-by-step guide can walk you through complete sample preparation, critical sampling steps, and includes reagent codes. For those methods that are shake-dependent, small animations illustrate the speed at which you should handle your sample. Simply access Tutorial Mode at any stage in the setup or measurement process with the dedicated help key.


CAL Check Validation

Hanna’s exclusive CAL Check feature provides a stress-free, straightforward way to ensure your photometer is working properly. Simply insert the certified CAL Check standards and let your meter guide you through validation. If your photometer is out of specification for any reason, simply calibrate to your standard.


Advanced Optical System

HI83300 photometer multiparameter optical system

High Efficiency LED Light Source

LEDs provide more light than tungsten lamps while using less power. They also produce little heat, which could otherwise affect electronic stability and damage optical components.

High Quality Filters

An 8 nm narrow band interference filter that is accurate to ±1 nm offers 25% increase in light efficiency.

Accurate Readings

A focusing lens collects all of the light that exits the cuvette, reducing errors from imperfections and scratches that may be present in the glass.