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Silver Billet Combination Electrode for Halide Titration


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The HI5148B is a combination silver billet electrode used in the potentiometric titration of halides including chloride, bromide and iodide by detecting excess silver from a silver nitrate precipitation reaction. This electrode features a Clogging Prevention System (CPS) Technology that allows for a polyethylene sleeve to be moved in order to clean the ground glass surface that can become clogged by samples with a high solids content such as with food products.
  • Single probe with both reference and indicating sensors
  • Robust silver rod that will not soften when placed in solutions for extended periods of time
  • Movable sleeve allows for cleaning of the ground glass surface junction


There are two types of sensors available for performing a chloride titration with silver nitrate. The first type includes solid-state sensors, such as silver or chloride ion selective electrodes (ISEs), and the second are metal electrodes, such as the silver billet electrode. ISEs are expensive and can be problematic if left in solution for a long time due to the softening of the compressed sensing pellet. The silver billet is economical and does not soften with extended periods of time in solutions making it ideal for high throughput sampling. 

Silver Billet Combination Electrode for Halide Titrations

Silver Billet

Silver Billet

Silver billet tip is designed for reactions with halides to generate a mV potential during a potentiometric titration.

CPS Technology with movable sleeve


Polyethylene (PE) Movable Sleeve

CPS™ technology utilizes the porousness of ground glass coupled with a sleeve to prevent clogging of the junction. The ground glass allows proper flow of the liquid, while the sleeve repels dirt. As a result, pH electrodes with CPS™ stay fresh up to 20 times longer than conventional electrodes.



Refillable Electrode

The HI5148B is a refillable double junction combination electrode. This allows you to choose your fill solution based on method of analysis and the solution can be exchanged if it becomes contaminated.


Range mV
Body glass
Reference double Ag/AgCl
Junction CPS with movable PE sleeve
Electrolyte 3.5M KCl or user preference
Max. Pressure 0.1 bar
Tip Shape cylindrical (dia.: 3.5mm)
Recommended Operating Temperature 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Cable coaxial; 1m (3.3')
Applications halide titration, argentometric titration