The power of pH.

Experienced brewers know that the key to making the best beer is making sure that the pH of their water and wort is properly measured. A wide range of portable pH meters engineered for beer make pH testing simple. 

For the Hobbyist


Pocket sized tester with built-in probe for on-the-go pH testing.

For the Homebrewer


The perfect balance between feature and function for any brewer.

For the Professional


Portable meter with logging for superior usability at the brewery.

Simple. Original. Smart.

HALO® Wireless pH Meter for Beer


Upgrade to a wireless pH testing experience for better quality.

Our HALO for home and craft brewers titanium body, flat glass tip, and renewable cloth junction making it ideal for measuring the pH of mash or wort during the beer making process. Take direct pH and temperature measurements using your smartphone or tablet.


Transform your beer lab.

edge Tablet pH, EC, & DO Meter

Expandable to measure more.

Connect a variety of our smart electrodes quickly and easily. edge measures pH, conductivity, or dissolved oxygen.

Stands out in a busy lab.

A large, clear LCD displays your results from up to 15 feet away for easy recognition and monitoring while you’re running other tests.

Test anywhere, anytime.

Use your edge meter as a portable or benchtop meter. If you need to save benchtop space, just mount it on the wall.

"We utilize (edge) to evaluate our pH levels essential to hitting our target pH for specific beers and to calculate dissolved oxygen readings in our oxygenated beer. Hanna is providing us with an accurate and affordable tool that helps us produce the best product we possibly can."

- Jim, Beer Engineer at GSP Craft Brewing

"Precision and accuracy are as important in brewing as in any other field of manufacturing. That's why we use Hanna Instruments."

-Damase Olsson,
Brewmaster at Foolproof Brewing Company

HI935012 Beer Brewing Thermometer

Find the perfect temperature for the perfect beer.

Brewing Thermometer - HI935012


Temperature plays a key role in brewing. Make sure it’s spot on with the Hanna Brewing Thermometer.

  • ±0.1 °C/ ±0.2 °F accuracy
  • IP65-rated meter for durability on the brewery floor (included boot for even more protection!)
  • Extra long, stainless steel probe for extended immersion into mash tuns and kettles.

Take the guesswork out of your wort sugar analysis.

Digital Refractometer for Brewing - HI96841


Brew with confidence knowing your results are reported objectively.

HI96841 offers a simple way to quantify the concentration of sugars and dissolved solids in wort- a measurement that can indicate the potential alcohol content of finished beer. It only takes one device, a small sample, and two seconds to measure your sugar content.

HI935012 Beer Brewing Thermometer

A stable brew is a quality brew.

Haze Turbidity Meter for Beer - HI847492


Monitor your beer so it makes the right impression.

Our Portable Haze Turbidity Meter offers more than visual inspection to identify the risk of future protein haze formation; therefore, allowing you to confidently define the right amount of process aids to add or when to filter. This ensures you get the color and clarity you desire for a great brew every time.

Control dissolved oxygen for distinct quality.


Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter


Get consistently accurate dissolved oxygen measurements to achieve the right balance in your beer.

Oxygen plays a critical role throughout the beer making process. Monitor your DO levels to ensure proper fermentation.

Titration made easy.

Upgrade from manual titration with our titrators for small and medium breweries.

Mini titrators for dedicated needs.


"As a growing brewery that produces a lot of sour beers, this was the perfect solution to our TA testing. "

- Chris C.

Titrations are used to determine the total amount of hardness, calcium, and alkalinity in brewing water. This is important because too much hardness and alkalinity will affect the mash pH and could affect the quality of the final beer.

More features for more titrations.


"A truly versatile instrumental weapon for quality assurance."

-Joe Cull, Florida Beer Company


Advanced tools for larger breweries.

From color to amino acids, iris Visible Spectrophotometer is the perfect tool to ensure that your beer stays consistent no matter the quantity of beer you are brewing. In addition to these critical parameters for beer, iris is pre-programmed with 85 different tests.

α Amylase in Malt*
Acetic Acid
Alcohol in Beer*
Citric Acid
Copper in Beer*
Color of Beer*
Color of Wort
Diacetyl in Beer*
Dissolved Oxygen in Beer*
Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) of Wort*
Iron in Beer*
Lactic Acid
Pyruvic Acid
Sulfur Dioxide of Malts*
Total Carbohydrate*
Total Sulfur Dioxide in Beer
Total Polyphenols in Beer*
Yeast Flocculation*

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